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Hwaseong FortressThis fortification are built for protective aim, based on military framework processes of both the Eastern and you can Western, at that time.

Bulguksa TempleThis Silla forehead was architecturally noted for are certainly the most truly effective examples one to embody this new Buddhism doctrines. The fresh pictures shows Cheongungyo (Blue Affect Link) and you may Baegungyo (Light Affect Connection).

Dabotap, or even the Pagoda of Plentiful Secrets, try designated because of the a new structure constructed with elaborately carved granite prevents. Additionally, it has that person of your own Korean ten acquired money. By contrast, Seokgatap, or perhaps the Pagoda out of Shakyamuni, is advisable noted for its wonderfully easy design, and that showcases good balance and you may harmony. That it pagoda became fundamentally thought to be the fresh new archetype of all the 3-story stone pagodas dependent across the Korea thereafter.

Among the many almost every other secrets maintained from the forehead will be the two superb brick bridges, Cheongungyo (Blue Cloud Link) and you can Baegungyo (Light Affect Link), leading to Daeungjeon, the brand new temple’s prominent dharma hall. Such links indicate the journey all the Buddhist has to make in order to reach the Natural Belongings out-of Satisfaction. (далее…)