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Just before a listed issuer gets into any the fresh new agreements on dissemination off corporate interaction (age

The latest detailed issuer need certainly to establish to the their web site the way in which in which (i) and/or (ii) significantly more than are used into dissemination of its corporate communication.

Indexed issuers are reminded so you can update their websites so you’re able to follow the latest standards a lot more than (1) ahead of endments out of constitutional data are not expected) otherwise (2) up until the the newest plan was observed on amendments out-of constitutional data.

g., transitioning out-of actual duplicate so you’re able to electronic dissemination, or following a separate agree process to possess electronic dissemination), it has to send a one-day notice so you can the securities holders myself, in hard backup otherwise digitally, to: (1) let them know of your the arrangements (as well as exactly how ties people can make requests for difficult backup corporate telecommunications beneath the the new preparations) and (2) solicit the electronic contact details. (далее…)