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Atheist: Easily stealth to help you muslim she will be able to marry myself

Hello, I am Afreen, a keen iranian girl, postgraduated inside the abroad, from inside the news media and you will pr. I am deeply handled the different inhuman medication meted over to the feminine neighborhood in Islam, for example (i) ten operessive laws out of Quran against women (ii) Rapist and you may murderer treated due to the fact prophet, messenger from Lord (iii) circumcision of women brutually (iv) one or two witnesses called for from the a woman to get justice (v) Imams and you will Maulvies having fun with islam getting sexual assualt up against female (vi) 72 virgins for men in the Jannat etc. What is actually this all nonsense?

My life tale is the fact I am partnered with a great Hindu Nepali boy, compensated within the Kathmandu, maintaining my faith not like that, plus visiting Hindu temples, such Pashupati Nath an such like.

I’m grateful which our muslim siblings is raising its sounds against discrimination and you will brutuality on name regarding islam. – Afreen.

Precious Suma, How nice observe your own statements? There is nothing from difference between me and you will my personal Hindu spouse. He’s caring and supporting as well in all aspects. Really polite, hardworker and you can devoted, respecting my emotions, lookin through nutrients on the iranian community and encouraging me to pursue. I also take need for Hindu faith, realize about jesus/goddesses. Feel totally ready to know a lot of things about Hindu Faith, which is one of many eldest religions worldwide, so sicientific from the celebrities, planets, astrology, horoscope and other models/avtar off God. Has just my hubby might have been promoted to your elder management peak, high profile work, be myself proud and you may actually pleased on the almighty to have blessings in future as well. -Afreen.

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There is no hatred amongst the all the mighty goodness and therefore per religion pursue. (далее…)