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Buddhist moms and dads out of Colombo look for a keen academically and you will expertly accredited young buck due to their child born in the 1991,?5’4”,?well mannered,?and you can well brought up having Sinhala Buddhist thinking. Keeps an excellent BSc unique knowledge regarding a state School and already searching for their own large knowledge. Please respond having nearest and dearest facts and you will horoscope. s?m?p?r?o?p?o?s?a?l?2?1??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?m?B197032

B/?Grams father (resigned Regional Director) tries a beneficial De- caste,?to have his child,?a health care professional (MBBS/?SL,?MBA within the HA),?5’3”,?reasonable,?created inside November 86,?works in the Colombo planing migration in order to Australia. Email: n?p?p?r?o?p?o?s?a?l?2?0?2?1??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?m?B197018

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B/?G mothers out-of Colombo suburb look for a keen academically /?professionally certified,?caring and you can well-mannered child lower than thirty years because of their only daughter twenty-six ages,?5’4” significant. (далее…)