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Stylistically the film is quite beautiful. Situated around the concept of Kabuki, Japanese moving drama, the movie goes into lots of its living, as well as complex outfit and also make-up. The definition of itself in reality, within the en iyi anonim sohbet odalarД± Japanese function “uncommon” or “bizarre”, both labels that fit so it film well. Another important string in order to Kabuki ‘s the notion of Jo-ha-kyu, the notion of timing ways to a flat go out modulation, a slow delivery (jo), a steady speeding up (ha) and a simple end (kyu). The end usually of dying or a tragic skills, performed quickly.

His software to own a special driving license had been rejected, he was grounded, their gums was in fact decayin grams and you will a string out-of girlfriends have been resulting in agitation and you may heartbreak, but do not like

The brand new Joiliar Losey themes within movie. He commonly slices for the face from a sculpture, or perhaps the blonde features of a bit of ways, shortly after a particular lay little bit of conversation; this is exactly a technique he including uses effortlessly regarding the Slave and you can Crash. It provides the feeling your step of the movie are becoming played from some old tapestry. (далее…)