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Many men and you may women similar indexed that partners don’t understand the mission in using a good condom in pregnancy as the lady has already been expecting. Very folks connected faith certainly one of lovers so you can condom explore, declaring one to couples that do not have fun with condoms trust one another. Also, condom play with during pregnancy elicited issues about cheating and you may, because of this, wasn’t greatest of head in terms of Zika cures. Such as, when you’re highlighting about what a person perform thought concerning using good condom, one expectant mother conveyed, “…Why would we need to use an excellent condom beside me in the event that you are my personal lady and you also real time inside my home? You’re doing something additional [our home]. That is what very guys here consider.” In another FGD having non-expecting mothers you to woman shared,

Ninety percent of men was being unfaithful. It’s similar to ninety-nine percent. Whenever they hop out while having an adventure [affair] having a woman that is infected which have Zika, he could bring it back once again to our home.

Furthermore, several non-women that are pregnant from inside the an excellent FGD stated next, in reaction in order to if couples can use condoms in pregnancy,

In one FGD, men offered the newest effect you to definitely having fun with condoms try from the infidelity by listing it is preferred for men to-be disloyal and you may condoms are regularly avoid the sexual indication regarding sickness and you may infection on their mate or priple, an additional FGD, several men stated

Participant 7: You have to explore good condom plus which have one’s spouse you must use it to cease of a lot problems into highway that are offered once the guys do not have a flag [insinuating unfaithfulness]. (далее…)