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Диагностика, ремонт и техобслуживание автомобилей в Санкт-Петербурге
Запчасти для автомобилей всех марок

“It is a regional community when brand new bride-to-be leaves their parents’ home, she strolls more than a keen egg. It is supposed to be a beneficial omen to have a shiny future. There are many more rituals, including the bride to be throwing sugar over the traffic so you can sweeten their particular coming lifetime”, claims Hadjira Haichour, lifestyle specialist.

Having a family inside the Makeup, holding a traditional relationships, observing customs, is important plus the old-fashioned Fantasia abilities to your horseback try a great section of one.

A small grouping of equipped horsemen in full battle top charges pointers. Also called “the video game out-of gunpowder”, it’s in line with the military living of your own Berber and you can Arab wasteland horsemen.

“The newest Fantasia abilities is important. Horses are an indication of bravery horsemanship. Gunpowder was a sign of manliness and you can virility”, statements Reda Ben Laldj, Fantasia horseman.

The happy couple is started an auto parade from streets and neighborhoods, finishing on particular metropolitan areas getting keepsake photos

To share the thoughts with the the history and you will identity, the newest bride and groom build a halt at the Sculpture out-of El Amir Abdelkader, a symbol of Algerian opposition facing colonialism and founder of the modern Algerian county. (далее…)