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Before I met my boyfriend, I was on four different dating apps or online platforms. I was not doing this because I was desperate or had this “need” to be in a romantic relationship. I realized if I wanted to meet and date a good man, I had to consistently put myself out there in the dating world and practice dating by going on dates. In my case, that meant lots https://brightwomen.net/bolivianska-kvinnor/ of dates with different men.

As a single Catholic woman, online dating has had its shares of highs and lows for me. I’ve had some great dates and some less than great dates. Along the way, one thing I learned was how to navigate messaging multiple men and go on dates with different people. Believe it or not, there’s a way to handle talking to multiple people online at one time with grace and class.

When I first began to be more intentional in my dating practices, I felt uncomfortable with the idea of talking to different people. Casually going out with several men at a time made me feel like I was being dishonest (or doing something wrong!).

In time, I realized that while it may feel uncomfortable, it is actually good and healthy to talk to several people online at the same time. This is part of the dating process. It’s about connecting with people and going out with them to see if you’re a good fit. In time, one certain person will stand out from the others.

So what does it look like to be talking to more than one person while online dating ? How can you do this with class, grace, and respect to the other single Catholic men or women you’re getting to know? Here are a few things that guided me when I was getting to know multiple people.

Give everyone a chance

Be open and give people a chance. (далее…)