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Showing four of your own most popular ADV cycles via Outback Motortek Germany

T he variety of cycles towards display screen on Munich established motorcycle tell you entitled iMot try nothing short of outrageous.

Particularly if one is to look at you to definitely Outback Motortek Germany (BikesPeak) was theoretically launched on very first week off 2020. I shall start with providing good shoutout so you’re able to Thomas Stiehr for taking toward duty away from symbolizing Outback Motortek inside the Germany and you may Austria. From now on all of the buy place away from either of your countries could well be shipped straight from Thomas’ factory close Frankfurt!

Displaying five of your most widely used ADV cycles through Outback Motortek Germany

Quick forward sometime in order to February and i also discovered me from the this new Munich airport waiting for Thomas to select myself upwards inside an excellent Mercedes Sprinter cube van. (далее…)