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We all know it: making friends as an adult is hard. If you don’t get lucky enough to connect with the people that are already around you every day at your workplace, adult life can feel extremely lonely and isolating. This can only worsen if you identify as LGBTQ+, and are looking for LGBT friendships specifically. In fact, a wellbeing report published by LGBT Hero found that 56% of LGBT people experienced loneliness “very often” or “every day” after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This outbreak of loneliness in our community comes from a lot of sourcesmonly, those identifying as LGBT can face rejection and disconnection from family after coming out, leaving LGBT friendships as main social supports. Additionally, cis and straight people may be more difficult to connect with out of lack of understanding of complex queer identities or common prejudices. That’s not to say that queer people and straight people can’t be friends, of course-as a queer person, I love my straight friends dearly. But sometimes, you need the benefits of LGBT friendship, of someone who truly understands you and where you’re coming from because they’ve been on a similar journey. (далее…)