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Диагностика, ремонт и техобслуживание автомобилей в Санкт-Петербурге
Запчасти для автомобилей всех марок

The author seems to be Vladimir Symonenko, brand new elder authoritative in charge of the brand new Kremlin’s specialist department – that provides Putin that have analytical thing and you will profile, a number of all of them considering foreign intelligence.

Inside a signed acquisition two days later, Putin taught the latest up coming captain regarding their international coverage directorate, Alexander Manzhosin, to help you convene a sealed briefing of national coverage council.

The fresh new thumbnail outline regarding Trump’s character is feature away from Kremlin spy company study, and therefore metropolises higher focus on gathering a profile of people playing with both genuine and you will cod psychology

What was told you during the 2nd-floors Kremlin senate strengthening area try not familiar. Nevertheless the chairman along with his cleverness authorities appear to have closed of into the a multi-agency propose to meddle from inside the All of us democracy, presented when it comes to rationalized thinking-protection.

Various actions is actually quoted that Kremlin you will adopt in reaction as to the it sees just like the intense acts from Washington. The fresh new papers lays out several American defects. These include an excellent “deepening political gulf between kept and proper”, brand new US’s “media-information” place, and a keen anti-institution state of mind under President Barack Obama. (далее…)