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Диагностика, ремонт и техобслуживание автомобилей в Санкт-Петербурге
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Those dreaded is actually turn off, about briefly, and those website links were removed. We understand that every ones having websites still performing possess complied with the license requirement, however, phrase would be the fact two will always be refusing in order to comply otherwise power down. We are going to end up being removing those people out of this list whenever we possess what you verified. There is detailed the ones we realize has actually licenses, and you may strongly recommend you stick to people if you want to enjoy it safer. Whatsoever, in the event the a buddies works dishonestly inside an open environment similar to this, you may be set for most other offending shocks of the patronizing her or him.

posting: The licensing law now applies to all agencies doing business in Amsterdam, and as of , the law will likely apply to all agencies operating throughout the Netherlands. All the licenses (where noted) for the agencies listed below have been confirmed through Amsterdam City Hall, and others are pending.

Regular escort agencies and you can high-category escort firms

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Regular escort agencies

Angels of Amsterdam (licensed)
This appears to be a newer agency, or at least their site appears to be new, and it’s quite impressive. (далее…)