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Beauty salons and you can schools blossomed

Inside 1954, Avon, whose simply prior around the globe operation is within the Canada, established a new design business when you look at the Puerto Rico. Next ten years development and you can selling functions have been were only available in Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico and Brazil. Direct sales is actually ideal for Latin The usa. In most regions, there are pair stores and only disconnected merchandising avenues. Network marketing because of the sales people enabled Avon find attractive St. Petersburg, PA women to reach ladies in its offices and you may home.

Of the 1960 Avon got secure solid business ranking a number of places, plus Venezuela, where it managed half the latest cosmetics market. Right now almost one to-third of all of the charm transformation in Latin The usa are built courtesy direct sales, as compared to four percent from inside the Western European countries and less than simply 10 per cent inside United states. An estimated eighty percent out of lipstick conversion process during the Brazil are made by direct sales.

Avon is greatly competent during the tempting people to purchase make-up. If this entered yet another sector, they began with acquainting agencies and you may consumers into the Avon range. It considering agents to your prominent issues on a prices, so providing them with an attractive generating opportunity. (далее…)