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Imagine Boy George! Along with fellow bandmate Sammy, George attempts to elevator Robbie out-of his sadness when he are left from the altar, and convince your to help you plough their thoughts with the his songwriting. But not, their suggestions backfires as he ruins its second gig. Like Sammy, George is solitary together with a couple of dudes try to convince Robbie the single life is your path. While the a double operate, George ‘s the foil so you’re able to Sammy’s convinced persona. He’s sensitive and painful and you will quieter, and also his flamboyant front side arrives when he and Robbie’s granny need Robbie so you can “Flow That Thang” and you may listen to their more tips here cardiovascular system.

Rosie, Women, 60’s-70’s (Alto C5-C4) Rosie was Robbie’s granny and then he lives in their unique basement. Even with their unique years, Rosie is decided become cool and you can she can most chest aside a shift! She also demonstrates their own rap show when she teams up with the wedding band’s keyboardist, George. Rosie could have been hitched to own half a century and you will celebrates her anniversary together with her husband. (далее…)