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The current scientific studies are perhaps not instead limitations, one to are that it is based on worry about-report analysis. What we possess measured here you will find the grounds you to definitely singles consider might have lead to their singlehood, that could never become actual aspects of the singlehood position. Even as we believe that people in general have a very good knowledge regarding as to the reasons he or she is single, its knowledge was impractical to be totally exact. Participants’ solutions possess suffered from the challenge from introspection: they could provides introduced an explanation because of their decisions, which will be wrong as they do not provides head introspective accessibility their intellectual techniques (Nisbett and Wilson, 1977). As well as, since introduce data failed to scale sexual direction, and you can given that homosexuality and bisexuality is located in lower than 10% of society (LeVay, 2010), our very own shot was be open mostly heterosexual. (далее…)