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Stephens (Michael Harvey), you to she can’t remain on more and she actually is leaving once the she finds their types of talking about clients as well unsettling. Such as, he’s this new unlawful Judge Oliver W. Cameron (Gene Ross, that is just fantastic regarding entire flick and certainly will upload chills off the lower back) cutting a journal that have a keen axe to release his aggressions, however, he sneaks about Stephen while he are getting in order to Nursing assistant Jane and you may plants this new axe in the back, eliminating your. Experts (Anne MacAdams) informs someone to store Stephens’ demise a secret, at the least for the moment. Our company is introduced with the customers: Harriett (Camilla Carr), a mentally erratic girl just who possess a doll and you can food they due to the fact the lady baby. An individual takes the toy and you may places they inside Nurse Jane’s room, Harriett kills this lady. (далее…)