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A few days back I acquired a message into subject line “Immediate Alone Blond Consult.” Urgent lonely blondes don’t always build demands off myself, and additionally they don’t always make it through my junk e-mail filter. The fresh new blond involved was a beneficial putative Vickie Greer, exactly who told me for the a couple of admirably to the point phrases you to definitely she is actually young, erotically naughty, and want to been more immediately. She didn’t explain just what a great lass which have a beneficial German email address try undertaking in the Boulder, Texas. I didn’t click the connect. As an alternative We forwarded the e-mail on my girlfriend, a teacher out of nearest and dearest rules, that have an email that comprehend, “Am We receiving this simply because of your own ‘research’ you have been performing into the Ashley Madison from your household Ip address?”

But I was emphatically perhaps not an Ashley Madison representative and you will decided not to get on the cheating layer

“Hmmm,” my partner penned straight back. “Perhaps I will have a look at regardless if you are on databases.” Soon a short while later, I found a narrative in regards to the blackmail letters you to specific Ashley Madison members were consistently getting-“sextortion” ‘s the clever neologism.

It featured an impractical happenstance is providing such missives, shortly after the Ashley Madison investigation was in fact leaked. (далее…)