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At the very least several hundred or so site visitors are welcome toward marriage banquet. not, any passer-from the who’s got trapped the fresh new music of karnay can come to help you the wedding and he would be asked as the passionately because an enthusiastic allowed invitees. From the traditions, the latest bride are resting meagerly along with her attention fell and her face closed that have a great gauzy veil. You can find fresh flat desserts and teapots which have black and you may environmentally friendly beverage, food with candy, parvarda, halvah, sugar-navat and fresh fruit for the tables. Kazy (a horse-flesh sausage) brains the list of individuals foods. To begin with the new tourist is presented with tasting soup-shurpa by the bucket load seasoned having greens. Up coming arrives somsa – meat puffs cooked in range tandyr, shashliks into the skewers, naryn (noodle soups) and lots of almost every other ingredients. Plov ‘s the acme of one’s marriage feast. For the lagans you’ll find hills away from pearly rice that have slim cuts of yellow carrots and you can appetizing pieces of meats exhaling fragrance. That is seasoned having zira (anise seed products), pepper and you will saffron. Seedless raisins otherwise quince is placed into this new joyful plov. The fresh beakers are full of advanced level Uzbek drink. The new artists try charming the new guests’ ears of the to tackle the doyra, surnay and you can dutar. Girls for the beautiful national clothes try carrying out inflammatory dances. In the future the fresh website visitors together with join them. (далее…)