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Limitations and you will Upcoming Tips

There are lots of limits with the studies. Earliest, the brand new correlational nature of one’s analysis precludes any causal inferences concerning the brand new contacts ranging from social ability, close involvement, matchmaking anxiety, and you may life fulfillment. On top of that, we have showed preliminary research getting a style of social ability and you may lifestyle pleasure, mediated by the relationship stress and you may personal desolation. Thus far, it will be advantageous to test this model prospectively having longitudinal study. While doing so, age brand new decide to try, whether or not symbolizing a special developmental county, precludes people generalizations to people in the center and you will late adulthood. In future degree it could be useful to evaluate young adults towards the adjustment away from solitary and hitched anybody for the middle and you will later adulthood. Third, in today’s study i didn’t gauge the top-notch the brand new relationships certainly partnered anyone. In future research it could be good for range from the level of top-notch the new relationships because the prior research revealed, for example, that relationship high quality can get play the role of an enthusiastic intensifier from health insurance and well-becoming (DePaulo and Morris 2005). (далее…)