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She plus covers just how her family and friends was indeed being harassed regarding the this lady «death», as well as how Jason wouldn’t allow her to share with some one about it

He and additionally claims to have acquired an arduous life where their mothers was basically usually suggest in order to him; your running on the go as the a teenager, taking a criminal background because of methods including underage sipping, signing up for new Canadian army, risking that which you to take YouTube and not getting pleased up to interviewing Alexia, having everything you heading huge up until the guy come faking this lady dying.

Inside video, Jason states Alexia is brand new handling one in the matchmaking, made him unfollow men and women to the their social networking, stating you to definitely Alexia wanted this new all of the money from the new Fantasy Team route hence she is okay that have faking the lady «death»

But not, many had been brief to help you debunk every one of Jason’s states. (далее…)