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Table step one

In most relationship status groups, the best fatality cost were filed over the past age group (thirty five yrs . old and you can old) both in sexes, apart from compared to separated guys, to possess which zero committing suicide and you may/or not totally all instances of ineffective effort was in fact inserted. The best fatality rates from 42% are present in separated/widowed girls group old thirty five many years and you may old.

Dining table 2 suggests the results of the logistic regression model fitting on the details that were statistically high or at least demonstrated a development into importance regarding bivariate research with results of committing suicide acts, and that sometimes led to death or perhaps not. The outcome regarding bivariate research have been as well as revealed regarding form regarding unadjusted ORs, whenever there is only 1 separate varying on the logistic regression model. Modified ORs per variable is determined by the omission of confounding ramifications of dos almost every other separate details provided throughout the model.

Table dos

Overall, many years was the best exposure basis affecting passing incidence when you look at the suicidal behaviors certainly one of most other continuous details, whereas marital status had a very feeling from inside the praise away from categorical variables. (далее…)