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Charm salons and institutes flourished

Within the 1954, Avon, whoever only early in the day globally operation ended up being into the Canada, exposed yet another creation organization within the Puerto Rico. Over the following 10 years manufacturing and you will selling businesses was basically were only available in Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico and Brazil. Direct selling are perfect for Latin America. For the majority regions, there are few shopping centers and just disconnected shopping channels. Direct selling by sales people permitted Avon to arrive feamales in their offices and you may land.

By 1960 Avon had secured good market positions in several nations, as well as Venezuela, in which it regulated half of the newest makeup markets. Even today nearly that-3rd of all charm conversion inside Latin The usa are designed because of direct selling, as compared to four % from inside the West European countries much less than 10 percent within the United states. A projected eighty percent regarding lipstick conversion from inside the Brazil are manufactured of the direct selling.

Avon is greatly skilled in the enticing people to buy cosmetics. When it joined another market, they first started which have acquainting agents and you will customers on the Avon line. They provided representatives to the common things in the an effective rates, so giving them an appealing generating opportunity. They tailored its solution to local circumstances. They invested heavily when you look at the make-up training in countries like Venezeula, and that during the time put couple makeup. When you look at the Brazil, given that historian Shawn Moura shows, Avon responded to prevalent gender norms which disapproved of females doing work outside the home with a campaign to show network marketing because an honest pastime comparable to matrimony. Moreover it composed an alternate accounting program in response so you can escalating rising cost of living costs into the 1960s. (далее…)